Our products include Grass Fed and finished Black Angus Beef and NON-GMO Free Range Eggs. A recent addition is Pastured Lamb and Pastured Chicken.

We are a family operation, all of us striving for Excellent quality food. Marty and Stacy Rauchwerger began this endeavor in 2008, motivated by the poor food quality available. We wanted REAL food. We wanted food to taste like food and we wanted it clean. No hormones or antibiotics or worse. We feel it’s time to take back our food and eat local.


We started by buying land. It took us almost 3 years to find the right place. Once we had the land we needed fences. Fences, fences and more fences. Once the fences were put up then we bought our first cows. We didn’t want to go to the auction and buy someone else’s rejects, we wanted only the best. We contacted several breeders and then bought 3 heifers to start us off. We would buy bred heifers whenever we could afford it and our herd grew. We bought some weanlings and let them grow for a while and then enjoyed the first beef of the ranch. We now have almost 90 in our herd and we are continuing to grow.

We did lots of research. The model we liked best was from Polyface Farms, Joel Salatin. Sustainable ranching, humane treatment of animals, doing things the way nature intended them. All the animals work together for the good of the animal and the good of the land. I can’t say we have mastered his formulas yet but we are working on it. I have included some of his videos here for you if you’re interested.

We began selling to the public and so far it is going well. More and more people are seeking out clean foods. Doing things this way and not the conventional way is more expensive and more time consuming but we wouldn’t have it any other way. To your health! -Stacy

* All of our products are Biblically Kosher. If you want to know what that means, feel free to ask me.

We Serve North Texas including the Dallas Metroplex. Delivery is available.

Our Black Angus beef is raised on our lush ranch and are fed only grasses and legumes. We never feed them grains or anything unnatural. They never go to feedlots, are never given steroids or hormones. Our grasses are not treated with herbicides or pesticides. You will taste and feel the difference. The beef is not fatty, but very lean and tender.

Always remember the 3 rules of Grass Fed Beef… 1. Rare 2. Rare 3. or Ruined. Never overcook Grass Fed Beef!

Our layer hens have an expansive enclosure to keep them safe from birds of prey. If the weather is good, they get to roam around our garden and keep the pests away. They are fed a Non-GMO, Non Soy feed from Texas Naturals and or Organic feed from Coyote Creek. You can see the  huge difference between our eggs and even the best free range organic eggs from the store.

We also have partner farmers that currently produce our Lamb and Chicken:

Lamb – Fruitful Acres

Chicken – RR Wilderness Ranch, Cobb Creek Poultry and Windy Meadows.

If you prefer not to purchase online, give us a call and come visit the ranch. Ranch visits and pickups are by appointment ONLY!

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