April 2021

Happy Spring everyone! I am so glad that the grass is growing and the leaves are forming on the trees. It means that my cows and chickens are getting fresh grass and are done with hay for the season.

We have a big announcement. We are carrying Chicken again. We have partnered with a few other farms and are carrying Pastured Chicken from them until we can get our own operation up and running. If your order chicken, you will be able to see which farm it comes from. Soon, it will all come from RR Wilderness Ranch. If things go well, we will be opening our own USDA inspected facility some time next year. That means we will have all of own chicken but also that if you raise chickens, we can process them for you. We are looking forward to this next chapter in our Ranch.

Order your Pastured Chicken today!

March 2021

Happy Spring to you all! I just noticed my last blog post was from January last year. Cause COVID!!!!! LOL

We have been very busy since the start of Covid. Once the grocery stores ran out of meat, we were bombarded with orders. I actually had to shut down the webstore or I would personally be out of meat. We were able to get a few animals to the processor and restock, but that soon ran low too. The pandemic caused our processor to be backed up “Big League”. They were however able to handle our bulk orders, which flew out the door. Now in March, we are sold out on bulk orders till February 2022. We have approximately 17 steers that will be ready next year and have dates booked with the processor most of the year. We will be selling halves and wholes on a first come, first served basis starting now. The deposit must be made in order to reserve your animal. If 2021 is anything like 2020, get them while you can.

Our retail webstore will be fully restocked with beef in a week or so.

On another note. We have partnered with another farm to have Pastured chicken available again. We currently have boneless, skinless chicken breasts and leg quarters available.
We are still working on building our own chicken operation again and will soon have some of our own birds in the store.

I hope to have more lamb available soon but there are still come cuts available.

I have found, over time, that its easier for me to deliver a few times a month than just one day, so if you want delivery, I’ll call you after you order to arrange it.
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Green pastures and blessings to you all!

January 2020

Happy New Year everyone! Thought I would quickly update you on life at the ranch.

EGGS -We had a bobcat wipe out most of our layer hens so we wont have eggs again till summer.

BEEF -Our beef inventory is low but there is still lots of choices available. We are looking to start filling our freezer in a few months.

LAMB – We still have many cuts available and will restock in a few months.

CHICKEN – We are out of stock but will stock up this spring.

COOKING – We recently made a meal that was absolutely wonderful so I will share it with you. We cooked a Ranch Roast in the pressure cooker for about an hour, for the liquid we used beef broth.  This made it super tender! We chopped it up into small pieces. Next we toasted French bread and melted provolone onto the top bun. We made a horseradish mayo and spread that onto the bottom bun and added the beef. Serve with the cooked beef broth and you have just made yourselves some very tasty French Dip Sandwiches.

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August/September Newsletter


Happy August everyone!
Sorry this is so late coming out. We have a winner in our random drawing for free beef. The winner is
Congratulations! You won a free Chuck Roast and 2lbs Ground Beef. I will contact you for delivery.

On Ranch news, we are finally getting some much needed rain. Halleluyah! The cows, chickens, horses and dogs are so excited. We are also fully stocked up and ready for your cooking needs. I am considering doing some videos about cooking grass fed beef. It will include recipes and tips. Stay tuned!

August/September Specials
• Buy 2 packs of any steaks (Ribeye, NY Strip, Filet or Sirloin) and get a free pack of cube steak. Cube steak is the perfect meat for making chicken fried steak. (Maybe that will be my first video)

• Check out our bulk ordering area. Save money by buying in bulk.

• For those in the Collin County area (McKinney, Allen, Plano, Frisco) FREE DELIVERY!!! For those outside that area, you can get free delivery too if you want to meet me in one of those areas.
I have been making deliveries as needed. I find myself in Collin County at least 3 times per month and I’m happy to deliver anytime I’m heading that way anyway.

We are able to ship now. I am still working on getting the website ready for shipping options but if you would like an order shipped to you, please write me a note on your order and I will contact you regarding shipping costs.

See you soon. Stacy

June 2018

Summer has arrived, our freezers are full and we have babies everywhere! I hope you are enjoying it so far.

June is the month of Fathers Day and my husbands birthday, so I am offering a special deal in the month of June.

FREE Delivery to the DFW metroplex for all June orders! So you’ll be ready for your 4th of July cookouts…
AND Discounts…
Take 5% off your order of $200 or more
Take 10% off your order of $300 or more
Take 15% off your order of $400 or more plus receive a free Dozen Eggs.

Only one discount available per order.

Delivery dates;
June 21
June 28
July 2

Please specify which date you prefer with your order.


New products!

We are pleased to announce that we now have T-Bone Steaks and Porterhouse Steaks available.

*The porterhouse is the King of Steaks. It is half Filet Mignon and half NY Strip and weighing in at over 28 ounces.
*The T-Bone is like a Porterhouse with less Filet but equally as wonderful! They weigh in over 1 pound.

*Next delivery May 8th!

We are also working on making shipping available. We will keep you posted.


Overstock sale!

Our overstock means GREAT SAVINGS to you!

25 pounds Ground beef – Retail $212.50 on sale for $160.00 Savings of $52.50

1/4 Beef – Retail $900.00 on sale for $800.00 Savings of $100

Sale time limited!! April 15-18th ONLY. Don’t miss out! Order online today. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Use coupon code: Overstock for free shipping! Available only in DFW Metroplex

February 2018

Hello everyone! It’s almost spring and I can’t wait! Ranch life is much harder when it’s raining or freezing. I much prefer the warmer weather. We have had a few days of warmth which has made my chickens lay eggs again, which is nice and our cows are having babies.

We are fully stocked up on beef. Yeah!

Hamburger Patties – 3 per 1lb pack $9
Small Freezer pack – 30lbs of yummy beef incl. ground, roasts and steaks $245 FREE DELIVERY
1/4 Beef – approx 90lbs of an assortment of beef $900. No organ meats. FREE DELIVERY

Check them all out and get your order in for delivery on March 13th, or come to the ranch for pickup.
Delivery only available in the DFW area.

February update

Hello everyone! I hope you are all healthy and your family has stayed away from the flu. We were hit but we are all OK now.

We have 2 beeves going in next week, so that means we will be fully stocked again by February 15th. Now that deer season is closed we should be able to be stocked up consistently.

New product available for pre-order. The small freezer pack! Perfect for homes with limited freezer space. The pack includes ground beef, roasts and steaks. A $270 value for only $245. Order yours today for February delivery or pickup!