Grass Fed-Beef

What is grass fed and finished Beef? All cows eat grass, right?

They all do eat grass, for a while at least. A conventional calf lives with its mother for no more than 6 months, then it is seperated from her until its about 700 pounds, then it goes to a feedlot where it is fattened up for a few months until it about 1200 pounds. There they are given growth hormones, steroids and fed grains, dead cows and all kinds of junk to fatten them as fast as possible. Not what I want to support with my money and not what I want to eat!

We start out with the best genetics of Black Angus Cows. Then we treat them right and feed them right.

Our cattle eat grass only (Rotated between lush pastures and legumes) and never get grain. Herbivores are not meant to eat grain. Growing out our steers takes 2 years, where factory farming takes 1.

Our cattle is as natural as can be. They are born on our ranch and stay with their mothers for at least 7 months, till weaning. Once they are weaned they roam with the herd. They live out their days in the fields eating, sleeping and playing. Never in a feed lot! We get comments every time we take a steer to the processor, “Wow, that’s some good looking animals.”

The taste of the beef is cleaner than grocery store beef. Angus is already known for great beef qualities and when they are fed only grass, they are even better. Try some today!

Just remember the rules: Rare, Rare or Ruined!