January 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

We are busy right now getting gardens prepped for spring and keeping our cattle happy. We have had four calves in the past few days and they are running all over the place, chasing their mothers to get their milk fix. So cute! We will have many that are ready for processing this spring and so we will be offering another way to get your beef. You will be able to order 1/4, 1/2 or a whole beef. I guess it will depend on how much freezer room you have.

The best price will be for the whole beef but if you can’t fit that in your freezer, find some friends that will split it with you. All prices are based on the hanging weight of the animal. A deposit will be required to order and your final price will be billed to you prior to pickup or delivery.

At this time we are still not going to be raising meat chickens this year, I will let you know as soon as we begin again. We do have lots of layer hens and may even expand that a little this year.

On another note, our horses are doing better. Our two that are broke we kinda spoiled, so we sent them to the trainer for a little re-education. Our two that are not broke are getting broke and wont be back on the ranch for a few months. So now is the hard part, our training! None of us are very experienced at riding horses, so we are getting trained too. I am going to the trainer once a week and Boy. am I sore! We also have to ride our horses that are here at least a few times per week to keep them from getting spoiled again. This is going to force us to get in better shape. Freddy is in the best shape but he is sore too! I need to find some FFA kids that want to ride a few days a week for me.

We are working our some deals with other farmers and ranchers to improve our availability of beef and add some new products as well. Also we are working on some ideas for customer activities for you and your kids. Little by little, we are building our ranch and our business to better serve you!

As always, I will keep you posted!