There’s never a dull moment on The Ranch!. May 2021

Our steers are in a separate field from the other cattle.  This is so we can feed them alfalfa everyday. A few of them busted out and rejoined the rest of the herd, BUT they missed out on the goodies day after day. SO…. Yesterday, I went out to feed them and they were mostly all back in their field. LOL!! Yes, Cattle can jump… I wish I could have taken a picture of the one steer getting stuck halfway over the fence.  His front feet were on the ground and he’s eating grass but his rear legs were off the ground. I managed to get him all the way over. Poor guy. I hope he learned his lesson but now Freddie and I have some fences to mend.
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Things are getting busy around here. The chicks are in the brooder.  The cattle are having babies. The guys are building more chicken tractors. The dogs are relaxing. The grasses are getting more lush.  It’s beautiful!

Restock Events

Lamb will be restocked in July.

Beef will be restocked in January.

Chicken will be constantly restocked.

Eggs are constantly restocked.

Now offering Fresh Oregano. A sandwich sized baggie for $2.50

HalIeluYah! I think our website issues are finally resolved. I wish I could afford a Tech person at least part time. If you or someone you know and trust is a computer wiz, especially with WordPress and Woocommerce sites, please let me know if they will work for food! Don’t forget to share this newsletter with Friends and Family that may be interested in checking us out!  Thanks!!