January 2020

Happy New Year everyone! Thought I would quickly update you on life at the ranch.

EGGS -We had a bobcat wipe out most of our layer hens so we wont have eggs again till summer.

BEEF -Our beef inventory is low but there is still lots of choices available. We are looking to start filling our freezer in a few months.

LAMB – We still have many cuts available and will restock in a few months.

CHICKEN – We are out of stock but will stock up this spring.

COOKING – We recently made a meal that was absolutely wonderful so I will share it with you. We cooked a Ranch Roast in the pressure cooker for about an hour, for the liquid we used beef broth.  This made it super tender! We chopped it up into small pieces. Next we toasted French bread and melted provolone onto the top bun. We made a horseradish mayo and spread that onto the bottom bun and added the beef. Serve with the cooked beef broth and you have just made yourselves some very tasty French Dip Sandwiches.

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